SIGraDi, the annual Conference of the Ibero American Society of Digital Graphics will be located in 2020 at the School of Architecture and Design of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellín, Colombia. Medellín city has stood out for its deep social, cultural and economic transformations, in which design, architecture and innovation have played a important role. The Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana is a leading university in Colombia, with an emphasis on research and innovation, and has been relevant in this transformation as the result of its constant connection with the state, companies and different social entities.

In this unique and representative scenario of Latin American reality, the SIGraDI 2020 Conference is proposed. Conference will be centered in the theme Transformative design, highlighting the crucial role of design, architecture and the different project disciplines for sustaining of life, through a strong synergy with conventional and disruptive technologies, in order to find a convergence between natural and artificial systems.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in SIGraDi 2020 International Conference in Medellín, Colombia; a diverse and transdisciplinary conference, with local identity and global vision.

Juliana Restrepo Jaramillo
David Andrés Torreblanca Díaz
SIGraDi 2020’s Chairs

The main theme proposed for the SIGraDi 2020 International Conference is Transformative design, stressing on the paramount role of design, architecture and project disciplines for the sustaining of life, by means of a strong synergy with conventional and disruptive technologies, in order to find a convergence between natural and artificial systems.

Project disciplines are pushed and amplified through the different technologies which trigger and encourage transformations in material, social and cultural matters to improve living standards. Analyze, investigate, discuss and problematize about the transformations in life that design implies, allows us to expand the boundaries of knowledge in professional, academic and research issues around an integrative, multidisciplinary and systematic visión forward-looking welfare for every living being in the ecosystem.

In this framework, many questions arise such as: ¿What are the role that technology will play in different material, social and cultural transformations? ¿Is it possible to present systemic, contextualized and sustainable design solutions by the means of using analog, digital or mixed technologies? ¿How to present ethical design solutions through the relationship between design, technology, and biology? ¿ Which are the emerging academic paradigms in project disciplines with a sustainability approach? ¿ Is it possible to start a transition between design for human being and design for the ecosystem? ¿What is the mediation between technology and society in relation to the displacement of communities and the post-conflict situation?

These are some of the questions that you can present to start a discussion around the topic of the transforming design in the SIGraDI 2020. Interrogations that become increasingly important as the design and architecture are placed as facilitators to preserve life, allowing human beings to transform and adapt to different crises such as: respect for the human rights, caring about biodiversity, climatic change, pollution and even the search for peace.

16-17 November 2020

18-20 November 2020

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