Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana was founded in 1936 in Medellín. It is currently among the 100 best universities in Latin America (QS Ranking). It is committed to the training of 29,779 students, distributed in Medellín, Bucaramanga, Montería and Palmira. It has eight schools that cover creative, social, health, law, engineering and philosophy, among other disciplines. It has been recognized with the High Quality Multicampus Accreditation by the Ministry of National Education.

Likewise, it has a wide range of international relationships, both in the academic and research fields, whose groups are organized in the strategic lines of Health / Humanization and Culture / Information and Communication Technologies / Energy / Water, Food and Territory.

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School of Architecture and Design

The School of Architecture and Design has undergraduate programs in Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Apparel Design and Architecture. The las one, accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects RIBA. The school also offers postgraduate programs in topics such as management and intervention of cultural heritage, business management for architecture, furniture, interior architecture and strategic design and innovation. This offer is completed by the master degrees in Critical Architecture and Project, Urban Planning and Landscape Design.

The determined work of our professors, students and graduates has been, without a doubt, a fundamental element of the so-called “social and human transformation of Medellín”. In the same way, it has contributed to the development of public policies for the recognition of products of the creative disciplines as counterpart to scientific publications, as well as developing of specific State Tests adjusted to our knowledge fields. The school has also actively contributed to the creation and development of the Academic Network of Design and the Colombian Association of Architecture Faculties.

Juliana Restrepo Jaramillo
David Andrés Torreblanca Díaz

Local organizing committee
Juliana Restrepo Jaramillo
David Andrés Torreblanca Díaz
Beatriz Elena Builes Restrepo
Samuel Ricardo Vélez González
Jairo Mauricio Velasquez Posada
Andres Hernando Valencia Escobar

Laura Patricia Durango Quiceno
Juan Camilo Galeano Mejía
Juan Carlos Bedoya Quintero
Martha Sofia Prada Molina

SIGraDi (The Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics) is a non-profit association that brings together architects, urban planners, designers and artists linked to digital media. Its main goals are to contribute to the academic debate on digital media and their applications, promote the production and advancement of scientific knowledge in general, and stimulate research and education in the current context of major technological changes.SIGraDI holds an Annual Congress, in which the latest applications and possibilities of digital technologies are debated, with the participation of relevant international specialists.

Sibling associations

SIGraDi works in collaboration with other international associations in the digital technologies field: