Augmented Architectures

Augmented Architectures is a research and design practice developing projects that operate in-between the human body and architectural scale and engage topics pertaining to biotechnology, digital and bio fabrication, computational design, virtual reality, interactive design and data visualization. We create interactive installations, wearable devices, sustainable material systems, and drawings as extended notions of architecture. We curate exhibitions, symposia and workshops internationally, some include Artificial Realities: Virtual as an Aesthetic Medium in Architectural Ideation an exhibition and symposium for the Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019 and the “Data & Matter” exhibition at the GAA Foundation as a parallel event of the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. Our work has been exhibited internationally at various events and venues including #Biodesign HereNow, Frieze Academy, NYCxDesign 2019, ‘Fashion Digital Night’ for Milano Fashion Week 2019, Venice Architecture Biennale, the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Istanbul Design Biennale, The Today Art Museum in China, The Recent Work Gallery in Seoul, GAA Foundation, Reshape FORUM Wearable Technology Exhibition, EYEBEAM NY, MILAN EXPO 2015, CCNY and Cornell University. Parallel to the studio work we have been developing bioMATTERS, a brand of products bio-manufactured by living organisms and waste materials. bioMATTERS is a member of the New Museum’s incubator, NEWINC, ‘Creative Experiments’ track and a member of Futureworks NYC Incubator and entrepreneurs’ program.

Augmented Architectures is led by two partners Nancy Diniz and Frank Melendez.

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