Online Workshops

The SIGraDi 2020 Workshops are an attractive opportunity to share knowledge, debate and discuss complexity, as well as develop specific technical skills during a motivating and meaningful experience.

The workshops will be held online, on November 16 and 17, 2020. The instructors and participants will receive a certificate for their participation.

SIGraDi 2020 offers workshops on current topics, in the context of the congress theme. They include Robotics, Biomimicry, Parametric Design, Digital Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, and Urban Planning, among others.

By clicking on the images in the gallery, you will find information on the workshops content, objectives, activities, and requirements, as well as the instructors and their outstanding careers.


To register, you should select registration for the conference and the workshop of your choice, at this link:


Important Notice:
Before selecting the workshop of your choice, please make sure to review the workshop requirements in detail, since some of them require, for example, advanced user level of specific software or are offered in a specific language.
Included with the conference registration, each attendee has the opportunity to register and participate in one workshop.
For those who paid the conference registration before the workshops offer was available, please contact Catalina Castrillón at

SIGraDi's PhD online Workshop

SIGraDi’s PhD Workshop is a unique opportunity for PhD students to present and discuss their research proposals in the field of CAAD and related topics. The workshop aims to promote interaction between PhD students and senior researchers, as well as collaboration between PhD students working on similar topics.

The workshop will take place on November 16th and 17th from 8 to 12hs (GMT-5, Colombia time)

The 16 selected proposals will be presented and discussed:

· Larissa Negris de Souza

· Wilson Barbosa Neto

· Robson Canuto da Silva

· Vinicius Alburquerque Fulgencio

· Bruno Leão de Brito

· Natália de Queiroz Nome

· Roberto Cavalleiro de Macedo Alves

· Marcelo Galafassi

· Phillipe Cunha Da Costa

· Laura Carolina Holguin Poveda

· Enrique Javier Nuñez

· María Luciana Gronda

· Provides Ng

· Melinda Bognár

· Alberto Fernández González (CHILE)

· Katja Breitenfelder

The Committee will select the best presentation, which will receive a certificate and registration as an attendee of the SIGraDi 2020 Conference (or its refund), which includes membership to the society for one year. In addition, the Committee has selected three representatives for the First World PhD Workshop:

· Wilson Barbosa Neto

· Natália de Queiroz Nome

· Alberto Fernández González

Congratulations to all those selected and especially to our representatives for the First World PhD Workshop!!

SIGraDi PhD Workshop Committee

Rodrigo Martin-Iglesias (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina), President.

Frederico Braida (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brazil), Vice President.

Ana Cuperschmid (Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil).

Daniela Frogheri (University of Monterrey, Mexico).

Raúl Domínguez (Pontifical Bolivarian University, Colombia).